Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  To celebrate, I made these chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow buttercream icing and shamrock sprinkles.

These are really easy.  Just start by making your favorite batch of chocolate cupcakes.  I used my grandmother’s recipe, which I previously posted on my other website FoodieOasis.  Check it out here.  But you can shortcut this with a good boxed cake mix.

The next step is the delicious marshmallow buttercream icing.  I used Lil’ Luna’s recipe that only needs four ingredients:  butter, Marshmallow fluff, powdered sugar, and vanilla.  I doubled the recipe and then separated it into two bowls.  I added green food coloring gel to one bowl to get the beautiful St. Patrick’s Day green color and left the other bowl of icing white.

Then came the fun part.  Using an small offset spatula, I iced the cupcakes with white icing.  Then using the same spatula, I loaded it with green icing and spread it around the top of the white icing to get the swirled effect you see below.

Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong way to do this and the cupcakes will all turn out a little different as you can see below.  Just finish them off with a few green and white sprinkles or check out the cute St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles you can find online.  I used ones that had shamrocks, gold and white sprinkles, and light green and gold sugar balls.

The combination of marshmallow, buttercream, and chocolate melts in your mouth.  Just be careful when you bite down on one of the shamrocks, they are really crunchy!

While this year we cannot celebrate with a full house of friends, we can still drink a toast and wish our friends a safe and healthy day.

Take care from Pinot & Pie!

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