These pops are like a daiquiri on a stick, which makes them the perfect frozen treat for a hot summer day!

Makes 8 pops for adults!

Special Equipment

Pop molds—If you don’t have pop molds, you can use small paper cups and wooden sticks, but you will need to let the mixture freeze until it is slushy before inserting the sticks.


1 1/2 cups limeade (not concentrate; I used Simply Limeade)
1/2 cup rum
24 fresh raspberries
24 fresh blueberries


  • Combine the limeade and rum in a measuring cup with a pouring spout.
  • Place 3 raspberries in each pop mold.  Use a stick or spoon handle to push one raspberry near the bottom of the mold, another raspberry near the middle of the mold and one raspberry near the top of the mold.  If you have see-through molds you can see where each of the raspberries is placed.
  • Place 3 blueberries in each pop mold.
  • Pour rum and limeade mixture into each mold.  Leave a little room at the top of each mold to allow the liquid to expand when it freezes.
  • Cover the molds with the lid and if your mold uses wooden sticks, insert them.  I use this classic style pop mold.
  • Freeze for 4 hours or overnight.
  • To unmold, dip the molds into water for a few seconds or use your kitchen faucet sprayer to carefully spray water around each mold.  Be careful not to get water into the top of the molds.  Remove the top from the molds, and the pops should slip out easily.  If not, just dip them in water again.