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27 04, 2014

Turning Leftover into Fast Lettuce Wraps

2023-01-15T21:40:11+00:00Cooking Blog, Recipes|

Tacos are often my go-to solution when I need a quick lunch or dinner.  But the other day I had some butter lettuce on hand and decided why not make quick lettuce wraps instead of traditional tacos. I quickly sliced a sweet onion, which is my favorite type of onion because they are delicious and ...[ get the full recipe ]

27 04, 2014

Making and Devouring Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Kisses

2023-03-02T18:02:56+00:00Cooking Blog|

When a cooking experiment starts out with unwrapping 40-50 pieces of chocolate candy, how can you go wrong! But you ask, "where did the idea for this experiment come from?"  You won't believe it, but it started out with me trying to count calories ...  You see, we had five house guests coming for ...[ get the full recipe ]

2 03, 2014

Cajun-Spiced Grouper with Polenta

2023-01-15T21:30:43+00:00Cooking Blog|

My favorite local seafood market (Catalina Offshore Products, in San Diego) sells fantastic fresh local fish as well as fish that they have flown in from other places around the globe.  You may remember that I wrote about this place back when we had the Ceviche Blog Party.  They have a mostly wholesale business selling to the restaurants ...[ get the full recipe ]

6 10, 2013

Experimenting with Blackberry Basil Jam (yes, basil!)

2023-01-17T16:36:14+00:00Cooking Blog|

I was watching Giada on Food Network recently and saw her recipe for "Sweet Basil and Blackberry Jam."  It looked delicious and sounded intriguing, so I decided to make a variation of it this morning.  (See the Recipe Tab for the recipe.) Giada used a pound of store-bought, frozen blackberries, but I had previouly frozen some ...[ get the full recipe ]

3 08, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Test Bake

2023-01-17T16:34:51+00:00Cooking Blog|

Time for a test bake where I actually measure all the ingredients in my chocolate chip cookie recipe!  (For the detailed recipe, see the Recipe Tab.) The first step was to chop the pecans.  (Don't you love it when a few fall off the cutting board.  I figure those are meant for me to taste.) ...[ get the full recipe ]

30 07, 2013

Mom Said OK—Chocolate Chip Cookies Are On the Way!

2023-01-16T17:26:50+00:00Cooking Blog|

You may remember that I previously explained that the only family recipe that we have always treated as a secret is Mom's recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  I have modified it over the years, but I still think of it as Mom's, so I wanted her approval before posting it.  When I showed her ...[ get the full recipe ]

14 07, 2013

Too Many Fast-Ripening Plumcots: Solution—Rustic Fruit Tart

2023-01-17T16:30:36+00:00Cooking Blog|

Who doesn't love summer stone fruits like plums, apricots, and peaches?  Now you can even get delicious hybrids, such as plumcots. Plumcots were apparently developed by Luther Burbank prior to 1926.  Given their great flavor, it is surprising that they have only become widely available in more recent years.  (I will let you know if ...[ get the full recipe ]

30 06, 2013

Homemade Pizza -Yum!

2023-03-02T18:06:24+00:00Cooking Blog|

My favorite pizzas have ultra-thin, crispy crust like one finds in Italy, so I have been experimenting with different crusts for a while now.  The secret seems to be using a cracker-type recipe instead of a yeast-based dough.  This also has the additional advantage that you don't have to wait for it to rise, so you can ...[ get the full recipe ]

28 06, 2013

Just waiting for whipping cream!

2023-01-17T16:22:15+00:00Cooking Blog|

Chocolate pie is my husband's ("J's") favorite dessert.  This is what he wants for his birthday every year.  The filling for this one is a wonderful chocolate custard made with unsweetened chocolate, flour, sugar, milk, butter, eggs, and vanilla.  The secret is to use more chocolate than most recipes call for and to make ...[ get the full recipe ]

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